tiistaina, huhtikuuta 04, 2006

This just in

This morning, I found the following (unsigned) note and translation of my recent poem in my In-box. The email was titled: "Kiitos runostasi Uuno Kailaan syntymäpäiväksi" (Thanks for your poem on Uuno Kailas' birthday).
He was the clearness in the water

which came to that concrete mix

which was put in between those letters

out of which were formed those words

with which was expressed that thing

which was clear like

clearness or

water itself

I am a German who lives in the Philippines and I had the pleasure to include your nice poem on my presentation of Uuno Kailas to Philippine people, including to the mayor of General Santos City here in the south-east of the island of Mindanao. Many thanks from my friends here!
My thoughts? What a wonderful world.