lauantaina, elokuuta 05, 2006

Seating arrangement 5

geof huth       john cage

joan miró                                     stan apps

hugo ball                                     paul klee

arvo pärt       crag hill


Anonymous Crag Hill said...

I dare say I'd just love to be silent with John Cage at the same table!

8:13 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

You got it, Crag. It's all about silence; not counting his farts, though.

8:35 ip.  
Blogger Geof Huth said...

So is Arvo Pärt Finnish-Estonian? His name certainly appears Finnish to me.


7:01 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

Yeah, he's Estonian, alright, a famous composer of the minimalist persuasion. See: But you're right, his name sounds and looks Finnish. In fact, Arvo is also a Finnish name (with references to value or worthiness). Which means I already broke one or two of my "rules": by not including a Finn, and, also, by choosing people solely by the letter count of their names. Well, not solely. Hugo Ball might be the odd ball here, but searching for a connecting word I would come up with "patience." How's that sound?

7:27 ip.  
Blogger stan said...

Alas, not even the internet can make this possible!

I just want to note that I am actually an excessively impatient man. I'm barely willing to take the time to listen to myself talk!

1:31 ap.  

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