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Seating arrangement 4

ingmar bergman

katariina vuorinen                                                                                 horace

marcel duchamp                                                               tom beckett

tori amos


Blogger richard lopez said...

hey karri:

i was just thinking of bergman yesterday, and when a co-worker asked me what i thought of the films of wood allen, i said they are allright but better are the movies by his master, bergman. and i am 2 degrees separated from the maestro. my wife's grandfather grew up in upsala, sweden, where he was a schoolmate of the filmmaker. of course they've longlost touch, goran still lives in upsala.


9:35 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

Yeah, I remember you once mentioned your wife being Swedish. And yeah, this game is as much about degrees of separation as it's about spiritual relation. Actually, what's the difference? You could seat anybody with anybody, without any seeming connections, aesthetic, philosophic, or otherwise, and still start up a great party. Now, who'd turn down the company of Plato, Giotto, Mozart, Proust, or Bergman, even if one felt a little off-place? For me, the trick here is not to think too much how well-suited the people are, but just make the introductions and let the conversing take care of itself. Now, who'd I seat nest, or opposite, of Mr Lopez, here...? Take care, Richard.

10:16 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

I mean next to...

10:18 ip.  

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