torstaina, elokuuta 03, 2006

Seating arrangement 3

cy twombly

cormac mccarthy                                                 lucinda williams

johnny hodges                                               karri kokko

sheila e murphy

A word on the concept: Well, imagining that Heaven exists and that there are actual people there, with whom would you see other people conversing, and what's most intriguing, with whom would you like to sit down at table? I'm sure there would be different seating arrangements every night. There are a lot of poets and artists and other loved ones to team up with, I'd reckon. The ones that I'm making up here are not to be taken too seriously; they are not fixed, or final, constellations. Names and faces pop into my head (not unlike Eileen’s lists of poets) and I make the introductions; as to what happens after that, is up to the party and its individuals. A couple of rules, though: at every table, I try to include at least one Finn, living or dead, and somebody from the poetry community working on-line today. Enjoy!