keskiviikkona, elokuuta 23, 2006

Harvinainen vieras

Ron Silliman omisti eilisen postillansa amerikkalaiselle runoilijalle ja kriitikolle Rachel Blau DuPlessisille ja hänen kahdelle vasta julkaistulle esseekokoelmalleen. Silliman nosti erityisesti esiin esseen nimeltä "Gender Arcades":
It’s one of those essays that makes you thrilled just to be living in the same time as such great work, that you can read it & absorb it & let it feed into your own processes as a poet. That’s something that only the very best poetry & critical writing can do – and both genres can achieve this – & once you’ve connected with a text like this, you know it’s something you’ll return to again & again as a touchstone of what is possible.
Kuinkas sattuikaan, DuPlessis osallistui eilen Helsingin poetiikkakonferenssiin.