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Finnish Poetry in the Southern Winter

The second issue of Otoliths, a Magazine of Many eThings, edited by Mark Young, is now available on-line. Among the featured poets are Juhana Vähänen, Miia Toivio, Aki Salmela, Janne Nummela, Marko J. Niemi, Olli Sinivaara, and Leevi Lehto. This is quite remarkable, I think.


Blogger Geof Huth said...

What? English!? Phew!

Seriously, I have to say that I didn't notice all the Finnish names at all, even tho I recognized them as Finnish. So many Finns are so fluent in English that they've bonded with English-speaking poets quite fast. It's a great relationship, and a remarkable compliment to your country's educational system. (Seriously.)

Suomi Forever!


4:41 ap.  
Blogger KK said...

Being part of a larger community is absolutely fantastic, and joining it as equals is almost unbelievable. We may thank the system, alright. It was a clever investment in post-war times when the state was in recovery. Then it's a two-way street. Sometimes it's called American imperialism. I've seen it happen in all my three daughters. When they started English at school, they already knew quite a lot of it, at least more than they were able to acknowledge themselves. They knew how to read, write, and speak it. And this is all because of rock music, movies, television. You hear it everywhere, you see it everywhere; you pick it up.

10:17 ap.  

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