torstaina, tammikuuta 12, 2006

Time on my hands


Blogger Anny Ballardini said...


"Time on my hands"

beautifully spent,


2:56 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

Yeah, I agree, at least it felt like it. The metaphorical name is, of course, taken from a jazz standard. Those guys, they knew.

3:23 ip.  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

This would make a great book cover.

I really like the olive green one you just posted, too.

12:38 ap.  
Blogger KK said...

Yeah, it's got that graphic look, or feeling, doesn't it. I'd love to move my finger on it. Thanks.

1:30 ap.  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Yes. It just so happens it would make a great cover for my new book -- it would be a good aesthetic match for what I'm attempting to do in it. If I were designing a book with it, I'd run the title to the right of the middle line, maybe a white relief on the grey, a thin font, Greek style letters (maybe Skia -- or something more angular) vertically down the page, and the name on the bottom horizontally, close to the bottom of the page, in some subtle sans serif font in the same red as the piece with "new poems" following it. I'd try to get an additive in the red ink so that the pigment was raised with the feel of thick glossy oil paint slabbed on with a palette knife.

You ought to consider it for a cover of one of your books -- or the cover of the print run of this series.

Red's a good color to sell books. The composition is such that it invites you to the right of the gray, inviting you to place a hand there and open the book. See what else is inside.

It reminds me of Rothko. Like the stillness in a pond that forces you to look a long time beneath the surface.

My favorite is still the second to last olive - yellow-green one that you posted. What do the titles mean?

Thanks for posting these.

Have the best year yet.

10:14 ap.  
Blogger KK said...

Oh, Lorna Dee. You like it, you may have it. I'd love to see it on a book cover. As it happens, Rothko (among other Abstract Expressionists) is one of my favourite painters, so the connection is there. These are tributes, really, to everything I've seen and read.

What do the names mean?

"Seinävaate" means "Tapestry."

"Näitä voin tehdä..." is "These I can make seven in one day" (from the Constructivist Manifest)

"Valo tulee täällä..." "As of yet, the light here comes from the inside, and the snow" (referring to a letter from an artist friend living in Northern Finland, where the sun doesn't really come up at all during December or January).

So, if you'd still like to consider "Time on my hands," email me your snail mail address and I'll mail you a printable version of it on a CD. OK?

11:40 ap.  

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