keskiviikkona, lokakuuta 19, 2005

I don't have one and I'm not getting one, but there it is


Obvious, but embarrassing, update:

pie thong

Inspired by Jean's mathematically challenging pi thong


Blogger Okir said...

or pi thong

i'm sure there's a good math joke in there, but i've got dyscalculia, and can't manage it.

10:01 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

You want my advice? Don't count on it.

(Couldn't manage anything wittier.)

Anyway, pi thong? Maybe something Charlie would use when surfing?

OK, I'm impossible.

jgiitvyp (something a sparrow might chirp)

10:14 ip.  
Blogger Okir said...

you ARE impossible -- but I'm laughing anyway!

7:33 ap.  
Blogger Tom Beckett said...

pie thong

(it comes in assorted flavors)

12:50 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

Well, of course, it does. Our testing group had mixed opinions on anything with nuts, though. And why, the bakery wasn't too excited about any referrals to flying, either. Now, let's move onto other thangs, shall we?


6:09 ip.  
Blogger Okir said...

oy. thanks for this. otherwise i would be taking life too dang seriously... ; ))

10:13 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

Oh my, and I'm trying my best to get serious! I just got all these weaknesses... Come to think of it -- what good am I if my weaknesses are more powerful than my strenghts? (all smiles)

11:16 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

...or my spelling. Strengths!


11:18 ip.  

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