perjantaina, elokuuta 05, 2005


sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa
sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa
sa sa yö sa sa sa sa sa

sa mi sa sa sa nä sa sa

sa sa sa sa sa sa de sa

sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa

sa de sa se sa sa de de

de de sa sa sa sa sa sa


Blogger Geof Huth said...


Is this my first lesson?


1:11 ap.  
Blogger KK said...

Well, it wasn't meant to be one, but what the heck. Let's see. I (minä) was sitting home alone at night (yö) listening to the rain (sade) outside. And all it gave me was this simple matrix poem! So there. Actually, this was a side step from a tiny project I'm working on, i.e. poems written with two-letter Finnish words only. It'll be quite difficult, though, since there's only one verb with two letters that you can use -- unless you cheat a little, that is. (This rain poem doesn't really count because I used words broken into syllables.) You'll be seeing the results soon enough. Ditto the Finnish lessons.

1:47 ap.  
Blogger Geof Huth said...

So let's translate this into English. I love translating simple concrete poems into English.

ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
ra ra ni te ra ra ra ra
ra me ra ra ra me ra ra
ra ra ra ra ra ra in ra
ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
ra in ra in ra ra in in
in in ra ra ra ra ra ra

Okay, it works better in Finnish! But if I took more liberties, this translation might work okay.

Is there a misspelling in your second to last line: "sa de sa *se*..."


4:46 ap.  
Anonymous Aino said...

Sade ropisee tasaisesti ruutuun.
Yöllä minä kuulen sen tanssivan.
Vauhtiaskel, hyppy, vauhtiaskel, hyppy. Sade tanssii ruudulla.
Yö kuuntelee ja minä.

10:34 ap.  
Blogger KK said...

Jep, Aino, just niin, sen kuva.

Geof, very nice! It has a different sound to it, but it's still rain. And yes, it's a typo. But, as it happens, "se" means "it" in Finnish. It's a lucky typo, so I'll probably leave it as be. Does this affect your translation? I'd like to post it in my blog proper (in Courier) so I need your opinion. And if you need more liberties -- be my guest!

1:16 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

PS. Geof, the next poem, "Valo," means "Light." Think sunshine slanting thru Venetian blinds (to my right here where I'm sitting). The transaltion to that one is so obvious that I'm going to try it myself... Come to think of it, "valo" has also the ancient meaning of "pain." I mean, fooling around with words, it's serious business. But then again, I know that you know that already.

1:27 ip.  
Blogger Sedis said...

Kyllä minä yhden "de sade"-vitsin olisin sinne pannut. [I suppose you meant a joke about de Sade, Geoff?]

4:21 ip.  

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