tiistaina, elokuuta 16, 2005

Opening lines of famous novels in the form of hay(na)ku III

A way a
lone a

loved a
long the riverrun

I know, I know. I'm only into my third installment and I'm already breaking rules of all kind. But it's our party and we jive if we want to, right? First, to be exact, this is not quite the first line of Finnegans Wake, but then, what is? And second, the line scheme used here (3-2-1 | 1-2-3) just looks and sounds better than the usual 1-2-3 | 1-2-3. Anywho, I'm really, really proud of it. So, sweet Eileen, shall we?


Blogger EILEEN said...

Your lines make
me want

Uh, something like that re this inspiring new series of yours. The reverse could happen -- write a hay(na)ku....and then stretch it out to become the first line of something else. Which is to say, I think I'll go write some hoooooorny story, eh?


7:36 ap.  
Blogger KK said...

Whatever works for you works for me, too.

the idea.
Go for it!


8:10 ap.  

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