lauantaina, huhtikuuta 09, 2005

On vain se runo.
Tomi Kontio, Shakespearen sonetit tulevat taas, HS 9. 4. 2005.


Blogger Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Karri from those of us far far away,

Ron Silliman

3:02 ip.  
Anonymous Charles Bernstein said...

As you can see those of in the Greater Philadelphia area (which today includes New York) are all agog over your ascent to 50, something Ron and I have lived not only through but beyond. Happy Birthday from the birthplace of Ebbets Field & the Polo Grounds. 1955, I remember it well!


5:00 ip.  
Blogger KK said...

Ron & Chuck & all those far and close (Greater Philly & parts of Jersey, Parsippany included) -- I'm short of words, so I just say: Thank you! And I'll be off to Paris in the morning...

9:59 ip.  

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