keskiviikkona, tammikuuta 19, 2005

Bob update

Vähän joka toisella tuntuu olevan tarve sanoa jotain Bob Dylanin muistelmista. Nyt on Ron Sillimanin vuoro. Tässä pikku katkelma:
Chronicles is, as the reviews have suggested, pretty much a terrific book. It’s episodic rather than comprehensive, focusing on hinge moments in Dylan’s life & career. What’s telling is which ones. It’s the exact opposite of the celebrity I wrote this & then I sang that kind of narrative. With the exception of Dylan’s presentation of his life in New York City before he’d recorded even his first eponymous album, he is more interested in moments of great frustration. What makes the book terrific is not just the counter-intuitive approach, but also Dylan’s writing skills. To say he has the eye of a novelist, as virtually every review of this book has done, is just part of it (which I hope to get more into, tomorrow).
Ja kuten sanottu, huomenna toivottavasti lisää.