lauantaina, joulukuuta 25, 2004

Reason to believe

I've been writing Poem in Reverse for three and a half months now, and this is what I got for Christmas. A most wonderful present, indeed, and one that gives me purpose to go on all the way up to the starting line. Thanks, Ron.


Blogger Anny Ballardini said...

That is Good News! Maybe one day you will translate it for us all (?)(!)
cheers, anny

5:26 ip.  
Blogger A.R.B. said...

Also trying to follow your Poem in Reverse from Spain. Wish we could do something about an English translation so we could truly follow along, but I understand the difficulty involved. Maybe you could give us a little teaser that would further exemplify what you are doing. Regardless, keep up with the work.


6:08 ip.  

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