torstaina, lokakuuta 21, 2004

Peukut pystyyn Punasukille

Käyn läpi tuttuja osoitteita, oheisen blogiluettelon mukaisessa järjestyksessä. Steven Johnson aloittaa päivän postillan otsikolla True Confessions:

For reasons that are too boring to explain here, I am a lifelong Yankees fan. But sitting last night watching the Yankees/Red Sox game, I began to detect an unfamiliar sentiment swelling inside me.

First, I've long argued (after the Yanks won their first three Series in the 90s) that the only honorable thing to root for as a Yankee fan was as many interesting playoff games as possible. So if the Yanks won the first three games, you had to root for the opposing team to make it close.

Second, I do think it would be a more interesting Series if the Sox had a chance to reverse the curse.

Third, my wife has planted in my head the idea that if the Sox win, Kerry will get a subtle, but perhaps crucial, boost in the closing days of the election: the baseball version of an October surprise.

Ergo, I think I'm a Red Sox fan.
Seuraavana vuorossa Alex Ross:

Is it possible that Boston is going to win everything? And I don't mean just the World Series. I'll be going up on Friday for James Levine's grand debut as the Boston Symphony's music director. Mahler's Eighth: "The indescribable here is done..."
Entäs Ron Silliman? Hänen päivän postinsa koostuu pelkästä kuvasta:

Olin jo varma, että tässä olisi kaikki tältä päivältä, mutta mitä vielä. Mark Young, Australiasta, kirjoittaa:

Bardo Thodol
The scoreboard
didn't move

at the end
of the fifth innings
of the sixth game
of the play-off series

whilst a visiting
Irish tenor sang
a saccharine anthem

but Amerika
kept adding names
to the Book
of the Dead.

Mitähän seuraavaksi?